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Val de Tamié


Discover the beauty of the Vallon de Tamié in a playful way ! A team, a tablet and it's up to you to solve the mystery to save the valley by observing nature and taking on challenges... Go on an adventure with the Explor Games!


For many years, in the heart of le Val de Tamié, a forest has brought peace and serenity to the surrounding inhabitants. A natural well-being emanates from these woods and the whole population benefits from it.

But now the calmness gives way to anxiety. The flocks are panicked and the sheepdogs no longer dare to venture into the pastures. The whole balance of the Val de Tamié is disturbed and rumors are spreading.
The inhabitants are certain: the Great Wolf is back. A big reward is offered to the one who will manage to put an end to these torments.

Go on an adventure and investigate... The inhabitants need you!


Number of people Price :
Group of 2 people 15 €/person
Group of 3 people 14 €/person
Group of 4 people 13 €/person
Group of 5 people 12 €/person
Group of 6 people 11 €/person

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